Codeplex is shutting dowm

Apr 17 at 2:12 AM
Edited Apr 17 at 2:12 AM
MSFT is migrating from CodePlex to GitHub.

They do plan to leave a read-only archive active, but won't support uploads.

As of now, it has been more than a year since anyone posted a Vsync bug report, and my Cornell research is shifting entirely to Derecho.

Is anyone out there in need of an active Vsync support site? If so, I'll migrate the distribution to GitHub. Otherwise I may just leave this as the current release, and you can simply email me if you run into a bug or have a question... I do intend to continue to support the system. It just seems not to need much supporting!
Jun 15 at 4:52 PM
Not having heard any requests to the contrary, this will be the plan:
  • I'll leave this version of Vsync here on the archived CodePlex site, for people to download thousands of years into the future.
  • I don't plan to do any active work on Vsync, but I will fix bugs. Email to me ( to report problems.
  • I will be happy to give pointers in terms of how to solve coding puzzles.
But for new projects, I recommend using our much faster Derecho system, available from You need to work in C++ to access the Derecho functionality, but you can always build a C++ DLL that uses Derecho, but also exposes a different API for use from C#, Java, Ruby, C, etc. So in this way a program coded in some other language can use Derecho -- it just has to do so via a wrapper.