I've finished setting up the Vsync site

Dec 5, 2015 at 2:50 PM
I've uploaded the Vsync versions of all our documentation (I think), except for not having re-recorded the video training materials. This is a big zip file in the "traditional written materials" section of the documentation area.

You'll find that under the system downloads, there is now a zip file containing the Infiniband/RDMA adaptor for Vsync. If your system supports RDMA this code should allow you to access it through the Vsync "out of band" APIs, for extremely high speed data transfers. The ib.dll file is not loaded unless you call those methods. It will fail (throwing exceptions) if your hardware lacks an RDMA or Infiniband capability, or if you haven't enabled that capability by installing the proper driver and configuring the kernel to use the NIC RDMA features.

Please post reports on any problems here or under "issues" and I'll fix things asap!