No new issues in nearly 2 years!


There have been no Vsync problems at all for the past 2 years (maybe 2 1/2, since the last set of issues were so minor). I think we can safely proclaim the system solid -- slow, but quite solid.

This is good because with the decision to shift to GitHub and archive CodePlex, you won't be able to post support issues here. You would need to email me directly, ken@cs.cornell.edu, for help.

My feeling right now is that everyone should switch to Derecho. Super fast, functionally very complete now, and quite stable too. Similar protocols under the hood, but coded in a new and simpler way. But as noted, Derecho is a library in C++ and can only be directly used by coding in C++. Then you can create a wrapper (your C++ DLL could be loaded into Java, C#, Python, Ruby, C, whatever) and use Derecho via your own intermediary layer. But direct use of Derecho from C#, for example, is not possible for now. Maybe in the future.

I don't see this as a huge barrier so I'm not going to worry about. Hope to see you on github.org/Derecho-Project soon!

-- Ken Birman