We've experimented with a few forms of Java support but at the moment, do not yet have an official and standard recommendation. The same goes for Scala, a language that compiles down to Java.

Our belief is that your best option would be to download a package called IKVM (the download site is IKVM.net). With this, in principle, Java byte code can talk to anything supported on Mono or .Net, so you would use Eclipse as your IDE, create Java code, link against IKVM, and then with this combination, would theoretically be able to import the Vsync library and call methods in the Vsync dll, which you would need to precompile using Visual Studio.

Let us know of your experience with it. Ken wants this to work and will help -- if it can be done, and you want to try, he'll get you to the point where it is working (or where we are forced to give up for some concrete reason!)

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